In March, of 1997 a committee was formed to investigate refurbishing the hall.  Work was anticipated to be done between mid January and the end of February 1998.  Several bids were received for the renovation of the hall and the bid of Geo Rendell Assoc. was accepted at $64,440.00.  It was decided to name the hall “Floral Hall” at the conclusion of the renovations.  This was the name of the hall used for meetings when the Company was formed in 1906. The hall renovation was well thought out and, although many of the older members regretted seeing the work we had done over 22 years ago being disposed of, the final result of the work was indeed pleasing to just about everyone.  

In conjunction with the work on the hall a contract was awarded to Meyers Roofing of Sharon Hill in the amount of $80,000 to replace the firehouse roof. 

A new ambulance from the Horton Co. was received in April 1998.  The cost of the vehicle was $89,298 after trade in of our used ambulance.

In April of 1999, the Company approved the purchase of another new ambulance from Horton for the sum of $84,075.

Citations were received from Collingdale and Darby Boroughs for the Company’s work during the flooding at Darby Creek resulting from Hurricane Floyd.

A plaque was presented to the Ladies Auxiliary for their many years of service to the Company.

Carl Hildebrand was awarded the Presidents Award for his outstanding service to the Company.

In July, 2000 word was received that the Ladies Auxiliary was disbanding. The Auxiliary had provided invaluable service to the Company for more than ninety years. A motion was made and adopted that the remaining twelve members of the Auxiliary namely Jeanette Brennan, Bertha Brooks, Elsie Delarm, Maryann Kudel, Edwina Meehan, Dorothy Meikle, Mildred Peterson, Frances Pomerink, Mary Raker, Ann Ropski, Theresa Zdun, Ann Zimmerman be granted Special Honorary Life Membership status in the Company in recognition of the many years of effort on behalf of the Company. 

Renovation plans for the hall were approved and the contract for the work was awarded to the Sekel Contracting Co. in the amount of $40,679.00. Meyers Roofing was awarded a contract to provide a new roof over the office space for $10,800.

A Centennial Committee was formed in 2001 to develop a program for the 100th anniversary of the Company in 2006.  The Committee is  chaired by John Hewlings

Donald Felker was inducted into the EMS Memorial.

The World Trade Center was attacked by terrorists on September 11.

Jack Arner and Bill Haney received Presidents Recognition Awards for their service to the Company.


January 15, 2002 at a special meeting, the Company approved the purchase of the new Pump/Rescue truck from Saulsbury Fire Equipment Co. for the sum of $370,827.00.

The new Pump/Rescue Truck was received in May 2003.  It was voted to have the housing for the truck at the Company banquet.

The Company purchased the Lochman property adjoining the Company parking lot for the sum of $109,000.

The Company purchased a quantity of packages from the USO to be sent to the Armed Forces Personnel serving in Iraq and/or Afghanistan.

A third ambulance was put into service in 2004.  This vehicle is intended to fill the gap in service when either of the primary vehicles are in service on other calls or out of service for maintenance.

The Company purchased the property adjacent to the Lochman property.

Any history of Collingdale No. 1 would be incomplete without mention of the cooperation the Company has received from its Auxiliary and the communities we serve. To these people, we, the members of Collingdale No. 1, offer our sincere Thank you” for your continued support and assistance.

To our members, please be assured that any omission of names from the forgoing chronology was made accidentally and with no malice intended.